Friday, July 3, 2009

Twin Cities Ice Cream Delights!

So I found a kind of outdated list of some of the best ice cream shoppes in the twin cities in the Best of Minnesota magazine. It was a list of 11, and of those I had been to 4. Maybe some of you can tell me how the others are and I'll decide which to visit next! Also, feel free to add one to the list! These are in no particular order...

1. Luxury Sweets Gelatoria - Apple Valley
This one we tried to visit after the zoo yesterday, but we found out it must have succumbed to the economic crisis, as it had shut its doors. This greatly vexes us, because we fell in love with gelato while we were in Italy (we spent almost all of our souvenir money on gelato!) and haven't found it in the TC yet. Any tips???

2. Licks Unlimited - Excelsior
This is a fun, small-town ice cream parlor located right on the water front. Lots of homemade flavors to choose from. Plus it has a big mural of a mouth with a giant tongue on the side of the building! I've only been there a few times, but I liked it!

3. Sebastian Joe's - Minneapolis
This one sounds familiar, like I know people who have been there. Recommendations?

4. Crema Cafe - Minneapolis
Haven't taste-tested this one myself, but I'm always willing to try new ice creams :)

5. Adele's - Excelsior
Here's another one on the waterfront of Lake Minnetonka. I like the atmosphere of this one better than Lick's - you have lots of pretty scenery and lots of delicious flavors to choose from!

6. Edina Creamery - Edina, Minnetonka
I know one of these is on 50th and France. Not too far from me. Maybe I'll have to go visit!

7. Grand Ole Creamery - Minneapolis
This was pretty yummy! As the name suggests, it's very creamy! Plus it's right on Minnehaha Pkwy so you can enjoy a scenic drive as you lick your cone!

8. Glacier's Custard - Wayzata
If it's in Wayzata, it has to be a very "rich" custard, right? Oh hahahaha! I'm so funny!

9. Izzy's Ice Cream - Saint Paul
Never heard of this one. Anyone been there?

10. Pumphouse Creamery - Minneapolis
Another one I haven't heard of. Sounds good though!

11. Liberty Custard - Minneapolis
Ok. So I live right across the street from this one and it's my favorite. They remodeled an old garage 50s-style and their custard is super good! I eat there way too often!

There's the list! Feel free to add your own! (Chain ice cream doesn't count, by the way, i.e. Dairy Queen or Culver's)