Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Abi the Wonderful

I have decided I am going to be a spoiled mama with this little baby!!! God has given me a baby that doesn't cry...yet. Oh sure she cries when she takes a bath and she's all cold. And she cries when something is wrong: "I'm too hot!" "I'm too cold!" "I'm hungry!" "I'm wet!" "I have a poopy diaper!" "I have gas!" But as soon as you rectify the situation, she stops crying. Immediately. For example: We're in the basement organizing our storage locker and Abigail is in her car seat sleeping soundly with a blanket on her. Well, it was rather stuffy down there and about 30 minutes into our cleaning, she starts fussing and wailing. I look at her and she's red and just looks hot. So I took the blanket off her and she stopped wailing, mid-wail, and continued sleeping. And it's not really crying either! It's more like a loud fussing. Now this could all be due to the fact that she's only a week old and hasn't truly found her lung power yet. Or it could be that God has given us the best baby to learn how to be parents!!

More about Abi!! She was born with lots of hair, not as much as mommy when she was born, but a fair amount! She also has mom's "chipmunk cheeks" which are these little fat pouches up by her eyes, in addition to her big fat cheeks! Other traits in common with me are her hairline that touches her eyebrows, her forehead, her long fingers, her monkey toes, her complexion, and her pug nose :) Traits she gets from dad are her little ears and perhaps her mouth. We are still hoping she has Jon's eyes. It's kind of hard to tell at this point - they're always closed! She definitely has Jon's expressions! It's cute to watch her make the same faces he does when he stretches in the morning :) And they're both just as difficult to wake from a sound sleep.

Would you like to hear a funny story?
Jon (to Abigail): "Are you daddy's little girl?"
Abigail: **toot**
Jon: "Yes you are!!!"

And as dreamy as Abi is, she has "baptized" the dresser at the end of the changing table with carefully aimed projectile poo. I couldn't stop laughing!!! She is just the delight of our hearts!!! Life will never be the same, but I don't think we would want it to be.


SaraR said...

She's so sweet! I love the stories, they made me laugh and think of our own similar stories.

Brenda L said...

You have girly stuff for her already!

That's great that she's being such a content baby. :)

Anonymous said...

might I add that I was the one who cleaned up the "baptismal" area... :)


The Charlebois said...

it was so wonderful to see you guys and meet your sweet Abi today! She is so precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!