Sunday, September 9, 2007

A very purple autumn

I am DEFINITELY ready to move out of summer. I'm sure it wasn't nearly as miserable as I remember, but I was pregnant and VERY pregnant through the hottest parts. Yes, there is a difference between pregnant and VERY pregnant! It happens sometime after stretch marks and before swollen ankles. I'm not a big fan of summer anyway. It's my 3rd favorite season after autumn and winter (Minnesota springs don't even place. There are only 3 Minnesota seasons worth mentioning.) So now, with much pomp and circumstance, DUH-DUH-DUH!!! Fall has arrived! And what helps welcome in the autumn more than the football season opener?! Oh bliss - potato chips, taco dip, and pizza rolls! Oh joy - bobbled punt returns, game-winning field goals, and 60-yard touchdown passes! So of course, Jon, Abigail, and I dressed in our family uniforms and high-tailed it out of church to attempt to make the Viking kick-off against the Michael Vick tarnished Falcons.

We watched the game with our dear friends the Charlebois' on HDTV. Abigail went on her first social outing, visiting her little friend Israel. We got some really cute pictures of the two of them in their Viking gear being little fans! Abi definitely "cheered" her lungs out throughout the course of the afternoon ;) We look forward to a great season and as always, we hold out crazy hope for the playoffs!!

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