Friday, December 28, 2007

Abigail's First Snow

So just after Thanksgiving there was a big snowstorm around here. While those inches were piling up, we were inside watching the big, fluffy flakes fall from our big bay window. Jon and I were both thinking the same thing: this was Abi's first snow!! And what do Minnesotans do in the snow? We romp! We play! And we subject our children to freezing temperatures at a frighteningly young age so they may love romping and playing as well! So we bundled her in the little snowsuit we got from the neighbors (yes, little girls may wear blue!) and spent a few minutes in the snow!!Here's Abigail just outside of our apartment building taking in the new scenery...
This is Abigail's CUTE butt-print in the snow :-)
Abi with a little snow on her nose! She's trying to look at it and perhaps lick it.
This is a baby snow angel. Her first!
A family snow picture!

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SaraR said...

What a beautiful family!