Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Abi's First Book

I love reading with Abi! Cuddle time with her is special and I cherish it. Her first few months she just stared at the pictures (if that! babies are easily distracted!!) But recently she has started "interacting" with her books. While we're reading she wants to hold the page and gnaw on it. She'll turn it backwards and forwards and sometimes shut the book. She has a few board books that she enjoys, but her favorite is her foam Noah's Ark book with foam cut-outs. I let her chew/suck on the cut-out on that page while we look at the pictures and read the story. The rainbow at the end especially excites her. I'm so excited to read with my children and plant a joy of learning in their hearts!
Read me some more, Mom!!!


SaraR said...

Wow - I think she looks a lot like her daddy in this picture!

Jenny S. said...

Adam has recently gotten in the habit (like Mark) of bringing me books and demanding "Read it!"
Since he is so small, it's still endearing, though we do make Mark say "please" now when he demands it. But I'm also happy to be raising readers -- partly because then they'll have something to do when Daddy and I are sitting around reading. :)