Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abigail Carin Gill Turns One!!

On August 9th, and then again on August 16th, Abigail Carin Gill celebrated her first birthday commemorating one year of beauty, growth, grace, and baby bliss! Her real birthday was on August 11, but since half of her family lives very out of town, we celebrated on the weekends. It was like a birthday party sandwich :-) Here are the pictures you've all been waiting for!

Jon made this sign for Abi by coloring in each letter meticulously!

The table spread: chocolate cupcakes, fruit salad, and chicken salad sandwiches (thanks, Amber for the recipe!)

Here's the 2nd cake. The first cake had a little sprinkle heart shape in the middle. The little bear was on my (and my siblings') first birthday cakes in years past.

Papa "reads" the wrapping paper.

At first Abi didn't know what to do with her cake and she daintily dipped her fingers into the frosting.

But she got the hang of it! Look at that crater in the cake! Yay Abi!

Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Miller joined us from Idaho for Abi's special day. They've been married for 55 years, and are obviously still very much in love! Also, notice Great-Grandma's eyes; those are the sparkly blues that Abigail inherited.

The Gill clan: Anita & Richard Miller, Uncle Jay, Daddy, Abigail, Papa, Granny, and Mama down in front (did I get all my teeth in the picture?)

Abi LOVES her new Cadillac of strollers from Papa and Granny.

Baby Abi in her birthday dress.

Abi thanks Granny for the Matryoshka doll that she brought back from Russia for the birthday girl :-)

Abi's second party started with a trip to the Como Zoo and Conservatory.

Aunt Michelle and her beau Tristan getting cozy ;-)

The Westerbur clan takes a nap after such a exhausting outing. Clockwise from upper left: Grandma Laurie, Grandpa John, Aunt Michelle, Tristan, Uncle Brian, and Daddy.

Abigail clutches her new sweater from Great-Aunt Marie. I think it was one of her favorite presents!

Abi flaps in response to an electronic book.

Abi hugs her new dress. She must be her mommy's daughter with her love of new clothes!

Abi didn't need any coaxing with this cake; she dug right in! Messy girl!

Thank you everyone for such a special birthday! Everyone who attended wrote beautiful blessings for Abigail and they will certainly encourage her for years to come! Thank you thank you thank you! :-)


The Charlebois said...

Happy belated birthday, Abi! Thanks for the pictures, Brenda! :)

Sara said...

Wow, 1 year old. That's so crazy.
She's so cute!