Thursday, December 4, 2008

One of Those Precious Mommy Moments

Sometimes I don't know where she gets it. Abigail has such a sweet spirit, and yesterday she gave an example of a servant's heart.

We've been trying to teach her to "put away" her toys at the end of the day or before naptime to some success. But I've never had her truly clean up after herself. Babies make messes. Alas, she has the motor skills of C-3PO. I certainly don't expect her to be neat and tidy. Well yesterday she exhibited that she is maybe ready for some more challenging helping chores.

Yesterday she brought me her sippy cup of milk and set it down on the footstool. It tipped over and a few drops of milk spilled out onto the footstool. She pointed to the droplets with concern. I nodded gravely, "Yes, you made a mess. But it's ok." It's ok - the footstool is full of milk and peanut butter spots anyway. Abi waddled over to her highchair, climbed onto a nearby chair and reached, reached, reached onto the highchair tray. She grabbed something and climbed down. She started to toddle back to the footstool with a wash cloth in her hand! She placed the wash cloth on the footstool where the spots had been (by this time they'd already soaked in) and gave the stool a few good scrubs. Then she handed me the wash cloth, picked up her sippy cup, and zoomed off to go play! Needless to say she received lots of hugs and kisses for her effort!

That's my girl!!

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Sara said...

That's awesome!!!