Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Englebert Shahoof Gill

Here's a look at our second little girl :) After 3 ultrasounds (a fourth tomorrow before we leave on our trip) we've determined that everything is finally normal and that she is, most certainly, a girl! I didn't post the very telling picture, but you can see it on Facebook if you want. In the first picture you can see the profile of her head, her little nose, and her little lips! So perfect! In the second "4-D" picture, her arms are crossed in front of her face, but you can see her little nose and mouth sticking out from under her hands.

I obtained a copy of my prenatal records to take with us on our trip to Central Asia. Reading through them was a riot! Apparently her lung parenchyma has normal echogenicity! Who knew?! My favorite was reading about my own physical exam at the beginning of pregnancy. When commenting on the shape of my pelvis, they said, "Tested to 8 lbs 11 oz." That's right. That was Abi's birth weight. I like how it was "tested" for that weight, like a bridge might be tested up to 10 tons. haha! But the best line of the physical exam was under the General portion: "Pleasant pregnant female, alert, cooperative and well-groomed."

WELL GROOMED! Indeed, I am.


mhelm said...

LOL! indeed you ARE brenda:)

Becky Mahoney said...

Ha! I want my reports. What do my midwives think of me? I know one thought Parnell was cute because she commented on it whenever he wasn't there. (she was in her 50s, so it was just funny.)

Sara said...

Yay! Love new pictures of baby! I have the hardest time looking at 4D sonograms, I can't see your baby's mouth at all.