Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Other Adorable Daughter

We've been going on and on about Lucie and how amazing she is; we have another adorable daughter! And she's still doing adorable things :) Here's a couple stories for your daily Abi-fix!

* Abi was looking out the window one morning and told me, "Moon has jammies on." Wha...? The moon is wearing pajamas? "Sun is awake, moon sleeeeeeeping," she continued. OOOOH! No wonder he has his jammies on! I guess I have an abstract thinker on my hands :)

* Abi was reading her book of numbers. When she got to 10 she stopped. "Is that ten?" Jon coaxed her. "No! Is one-oh!" she said. "Look Daddy!" She turned the book around so he could see. "See, is one-ooooh! Silly daddy!"

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The Charlebois said...

All that counting is exhausting!!! :) so cute!