Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lucie's got a Funny Bone!

Here are some of my toddler's greatest hits as of late! This kid keeps me laughing!

* Lucie walked out into the living room with a big pouty lip holding her hand after pinching her thumb in the closet door. "Oh Lulu, do you want mommy to kiss your thumb?" Mommy asked while taking her hand. "Yeah," she wimpered pitifully. Then she added cautiously, "Don't bite it!"

* Lucie looked around herself suspiciously. "I smell sumfin," she said. Then she seemed to realize something and stated, "It's my toot."

* Lucie dumped the bag of barettes out on the floor. "Oh Lucie," said Mom, "you're going to get a consequence." Lucie thought for a moment then responded, "I don't want a consequence. Moses got a consequence inna Bible story and HE DIED!" (my personal favorite!)

* "I don't love orange. I love pink and rainbow. I love brown and purple and cupcakes. And I love birds that fly with me like this," (flap, flap) then she squawked a bit. "That's what a bird says."

* Dora: "To go slower we need to say 'espacio.' Say 'espacio!'"

* After a breakfast of Cream of Wheat, Abi and Lucie decided to play princesses. Abi declared she was Princess Belle. Lucie decided she would be the Queen of Wheat.

* Lucie was trying to get Daddy to eat her Cheerios.
Daddy: "No thanks, that's Lucie's Cheerios."
Lucie: "No this Cheerio is for Mommy and for Daddy."
Daddy: "No thank you,"
Lucie: "But it's got bacon in it! You like bacon?"

* Lucie: "My mouth tastes funny,"
Mommy: "Why does your mouth taste funny?"
Lucie: "Because I ate a rock!"

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Michael said...

Okay, that Queen of Wheat comment is great.