Thursday, February 7, 2008

17 Words that SERIOUSLY Freak Me Out...

I blame too many movies, books, PBS freak-you-mentaries, and just an overactive & creative imagination on tonight's post. I have compiled a list of "Words that Seriously Freak Me Out." There's no reason for this, no reason at ALL to publish it and let the world mock me. This is simply posted for you to get a great chuckle or at least a bemused expression from my crazy (sometimes psychotic) mind. Now, I don't want to hear a bunch of responses saying, "Brenda, there is no fear in love, this is unnecessary fretting, you're only freaking yourself out, God is bigger than all this, stop scaring yourself for thrills." I don't scare myself for thrills very often. I don't even watch zombie movies! But I have indulged this one time.

I'll warn you, this is all serious to me. Just hearing these words literally chills me to the bone. But I ordered this list from "Yeah, that word freaks me out, too," to "Are you freakin' kidding me?!" based on what I think a normal person would think looking at this list. Note: I have not included the things themselves that I am afraid of. I did not write "spiders," "warts," or "pipes," all of which I have various degrees of phobia to. Those WORDS don't frighten me, the OBJECTS do. This is a list of WORDS that frighten me.

1. "I AM", Yahweh ...The Name of God

2. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

3. Holocaust (and related) Nuclear Holocaust

4. The Plague (this is totally the fault of the movie/children's book "The Secret Garden" when there's a bunch of dead people, very zombie-like, all lying in heaps with flies who died from THE PLAGUE.)

5. KGB (and believe me, they (or at least their counterparts) still exist, and they've eavesdropped on my phone conversations before)

6. Third Reich

7. Chemical Warfare (Ever seen The Rock?! Or for that matter what Saddam did to Kurdistan?!)

8. Soviet Union / USSR (Enter The Hymn to Red October and a male Soviet choir...)

9. Gestapo (I must have this fear deep inside of being spied on or stalked...)

10. Heavy Water (Radioactive water...what do you do with it? Where does it go?)

11. Missile Silo

12. Cooling Towers (and related) "The Core" (To blame: a PBS documentary on 3-Mile Island and meeting someone who survived Chernobyl.)

13. NORAD (Does the phrase "closing up the mountain" strike even the tiniest sense of awe in anyone else?)

14. The Hindenburg (a terrible, horrific, billowing ball of flames...)

15. United States Marine Corps (I like that it scares me a little that my husband is a "Marine." Ooo...chills!)

16. "The Russians" (ooo...The Russians. Please insert your laughter here.)

And lastly 17. Paper cut. Admit it! Just reading that word made you cringe!

Please respond with your own words that LITERALLY freak you out! I'm excited to see what pops up! (I'm sure one of my mom friends will write "adolescence" hehehe...)


The Charlebois said...

You are so funny!

The Charlebois said...

You are so funny!

Jenny said...

I am not going to do this because I don't LIKE to freak myself out.
Here are a couple biggies:
the Animusic "character" that is sort of like a string bass and has hands that play itself.
I'm cringing right now.
That, and the veins in people's necks. Frankly, necks in general. EEEW. And that includes tracheotomies.
Ot Ulibke. (hee hee, I had to insert something in Russian for you. That's a children's song about a smile.)

Becky said...

Oh man, you totally got me on paper cut. Reading this I had visions of you as a cartoon hyena. . . Mufasa! Ooohhhh. . . The only other word I came up with was slither. I mean seriously, say that anything or anyone slithered and it's just disturbing.