Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twins SWEEP the Sox!

My hands are raw. My throat is hoarse. My ears are ringing. I peed my pants. Those are the signs of what I call a friggin'ly awesome game!!!

So last night Jon begged to get tickets to tonight's game. Ok, fine, I conceded. Kind of like our last shot to see the Twins in the regular season. We were a half a game behind the White Sox (huuuuuuge division rivals) and a win tonight would put us a half a game ahead and into first place in the AL Central. So we dropped Abi off at Grandma's and took the bus up to the Dome.

Well, we scored early in the first, but it didn't matter much. By the fourth inning Chicago found themselves up 6 - 1 because of a line drive that took out our pitcher and scored them 3 runs. Boy did that take the wind out of our sails. 6 - 1. Who comes back from that? WE DO!!! Suddenly in the bottom of the 8th inning we were tied up 6 - 6! The dome was so loud after the tying run that I thought it might come down on us. The decibel level had to have been 10x that of a jet engine. More like space shuttle take-off decibel level. Anyone whose been to the dome at full capacity (43,600 tonight) knows what I mean. I screamed so loud I... well, let's just say I "lost control." Hey. Having babies does that. :-)

Joe Nathan holds off the Sox for the top of the 9th, but to no avail. The Twins go 1, 2, 3 in the bottom of the 9th sending us into extra innings. There was this girl in front of us who kept wanting to stand for EVERYTHING. Like EVERYTHING. During inning changes, bullpen switches, 1 out and no strikes...she was up and screaming wondering why no one was with her. I kind of wanted to throw my Coke at her and tell her I couldn't see. I did end up throwing my Coke, but it was an accident. I hope the stain comes out of that guy's jersey. He still doesn't know it's there...

So anyway, Nathan saves us through the top of the 10th and we're all on our feet. Harris grounds out off the bat. Punto gets walked. Gomez hits out, Punto advanced to 2nd. (Considering the two triples, double, and the single he pulled for us tonight, I wasn't too upset with him). The first pitch to Span was wild and Punto steals third!! Then the Sox intentionally walk Span which provokes BOOOOOOOOS from us. Jon and I are behind the plate in the upper UPPER deck (like 9 rows from the roof) and we kept hearing guys hitting the vents in the back row to create noise. It worked! Up steps Casilla who hadn't been having the greatest of nights. I was just praying he wouldn't get out and give Mauer a chance, the next in the lineup. Screaming, whooping, hollering, general mob tantruming. And it's over the shortstop's head! It's a single! Punto runs home!!! WE WON! Oh my goodness! We came back from a 5 point deficit to win 7-6!!!! Beer, peanuts, and babies were flying through the air in celebration. Fans were wildly hugging each other, even the strangers next to them who spilled Coke on their jersey. Here's the link to the video of the great single that won the game and the mayhem that followed.

And a tribute, I'd like to sing a little song...

We're gonna win Twins! We're gonna score!
We're gonna win Twins! Watch that baseball soar!
Knock out a home run; shout a hip-hooray!
Cheer for the Minnesota Twins today!

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I'm so hoarse I sound like a donkey!