Friday, November 28, 2008

Dressing Up This Fall

Well, fall wouldn't be fall without dressing up for Halloween! Our little Abigail dressed up as a ladybug and we went trick-or-treating with some friends up the street.

Abi loved holding her pumpkin! She wouldn't let me hold it at all!

And here she is sneaking some chocolate. Ah, yes, she is her mother's daughter!

Then we went to visit Jon at work. The family!!

She started counting her candy right away cuz she knew that mommy would sneak all the chocolates out.

Abi wasn't the only one who dressed up! I went as Sarah Palin and Jon went as Joe the Plumber. People told me I was a natural Palin. They also commented that I had nailed the accent. What accent?

Jon also dressed up as a flame-thrower!

Abi loves putting on all her hats from the hats and mittens drawer.

She also loves necklaces and barrettes. Dressing up is one of her favorite things to do!

And between dress-up times she takes cute baths :)

And of course in November, she dresses up WARM to go walking with daddy!

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