Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankfulness and Gluttony: Part 1

My family are my best friends. This Thanksgiving, I was thankful to be able to spend a few days spending time with them and laughing with them. Mom always puts together the most diverse and delicious menus, Dad gets on the floor with Abi (playing blanket monster!), and us kids partake in games, snacks, walks, movies, and adventures! This Thanksgiving, Dad packed up his firearms and some ammo and we drove out of town a few miles for some target practice.

Jon, Dad, and Brian loading up the guns.Here were our targets: a pumpkin, a beer cozy, and a Pepsi cup.

Jon starts things off with the 9mm. This is Brian's Beretta from Grandpa Westerbur, the same type of gun Jon had strapped to his leg for 10 months in Iraq. I even had a chance to shoot the Beretta a few times, then I got scared! :)

Brian takes aim with the shot gun. I did not attempt the shot gun.

Dad shows us how it's done.
Jon gives the 357 a try.

Ah, the boys.

Our poor pumpkin.

Sunset over rural Minnesota.

Father-daughter duets! Preparing for Carnegie Hall!

"Let's start eating already, I'm starving!"

The spread is gorgeous! Now let's eat!

Saying grace, being thankful, praising Jesus, and then...


Michelle and Jon and I gave Brian his birthday presents. He is ecstatic about his new argyle socks and Itunes gift card from Michelle! (and YES his Tshirt says "Gustav is my homeboy")

"Oh Abi, thank you! Thank can let go now Abi."

Brian's taking Ancient Greek over J-Term at Gustavus so we got him a Greek-English Interlinear New Testament. Jon picked it out :)

Abi was happy to get a new handbag. naptime.

The Lions were getting creamed by the Titans so we changed the channel.

Oh yes. We watched the dog show. I was rooting for the terrier and the basset hound.

Jon practiced his German.

And Michelle spent lots of time with her new fiance Tristan via text!

That night we picked out some bridesmaid dresses, finished up our game of Hand and Foot (a card game), ate lots of pie, and opened a few windows. Then we tried to get Jon and Brian hooked on a Santa Claus movie starring John Lithgo and Dudley Moore, but they didn't bite. So we watched Home Alone and I cried like always when the neighbor was re-united with his family. We didn't want to leave this morning, it's always so relaxing at mom and dad's. It's like we travel to a different world or at least time slows down out there. I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend together. One more Thanksgiving to go, and then I go on a leafy green diet for a while!


Lisa said...

Hi! I cruised in via Google alerts for Dudley Moore, lol! I was just watching that movie the other day and plan on popping it into the living room DVD player on Christmas hoping people will get into it (but I doubt it, haha).

I see I'm not the only one running around taking photos during the holidays. At least I'm doing it and not the one having my photos taken while I'm eating! :-D

Peter, Amber, Elijah, Naomi and Baby Peterson-- said...

You play hand and foot? I didn't know that! Pete and I ROCK at hand and foot. One of our favorite games! Besides having kids I think that may just be the other main reason God had Pete and I marry--so that we can RULE the world as a team in hand and foot games. So, we sweetly challenge you and Jon to a game sometime. =) Of course, if we loose you can never bring up this note again! =)

Jon said...

You can tell, looking at the shooting pictures, that I carried the 9mm for darn near a year, whereas I was less comfortable with the revolver. Just look at my stance! (Still, I loved the effect of the revolver!)