Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Funness at the Gill's

We've had a few weeks, er, months of craziness here. We just were not able to get organized before Jon started his spring semester and we have been playing catch-up in every area of life, including blogging/picture uploading. Here is a sample of the funness that's been happening at the Gill house :)
Abi and I cuddle while I show her some of her baby pictures.

Jon blows belly bubbles, much to the delight of the "big sister."

Future Gustie???

What do you want mom? I'm busy brushing my teeth!

Those blue eyes...

One day, I walked into the living room to find that Abigail had dragged her tub out of the linen closet and was sitting in it like a boat.

We just love the snuggles.

Here we are getting ready for the pro-life rally at the University of Minnesota! Here's Abi's sign.

Sharing a snack on the floor

Abi as the Virgin Mary? Or maybe she's a shepherd?

At the Super Bowl party, Abi got a little friendly with some of the boys.

Abi, I should warn you...

More snuggles

She likes to wear every single article of clothing she can find.

Ok, I swear I didn't force her to do this. But as I was licking the envelopes for the New Year's letters, she started walking around licking things. So I let her help! Your letter may have been licked by Abigail!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mamma is very sick. She stays on the couch all day. So I will give her some blankets to stay warm!

She's suddenly into chewing on the pacifiers she finds in the baby basket.

Let's color, Abi!!

Working hard...

Mamma, I didn't empty out my baggie of hair clips and bows, I promise!

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