Monday, January 26, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Moments...

Story #1:
Abigail brought the book "Mommy and Me" to Jon one morning. Jon tried to hand the book off to me, saying, "This is a book about mommies and their babies. I can't read this to her." However, I was busy with something and thus tried to assure him, "Sure you can! Just change all the 'mommy' words to 'daddy' and the hers to his." Jon decided to give it a shot. He put Abigail in his lap and opened the book saying, "Daddy and Me."
"...Daddy duck and...his babies go for a swim."
I chuckled imagining the picture of a mama duck swimming with her ducklings. But Jon continued.
"Daddy giraffe snuggles with baby."
Jon then snuggled close to Abi. Aw!
"Daddy Cat feeds...his kittens. That's it! I can't read this anymore!" And he tossed the book at me. I looked at the picture that caused him to reject the 'renamed' book of Daddy and Me. Ah yes, a picture of a mama cat nursing her kittens isn't really reversible!

Story #2:
We've started closing and locking the bathroom door since Abi has figured out that doorknobs are the key to opening doors. She sometimes has luck in wiggling it open. This morning Jon had locked the door as he used the bathroom. Sure enough Abi toddled over to try to see what he was doing in there. She knocked and giggled. Jon sang, "hellooooo!" from the other side of the door. She giggled again and wiggled her fingers under the door. Jon laughed. Then Abi reached for the doorknob and gave it a wiggle. "Oh Abi, Daddy locked the door. I'm sorry!" Jon called from inside the bathroom. There was silence for a while as it seemed Abigail had given up. Suddenly Jon heard a metallic scraping sound on the doorknob. When he emerged from the bathroom he saw Abi standing there with a set of keys trying to unlock the bathroom door!

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Sara said...

Lol! Jon reading that book to Abi makes a very funny mental picture for me.

Abi seems so smart!