Thursday, January 1, 2009

Abikins the Toddler!

Abigail is growing up so fast. It's been a while since I gave an Abi update, so here goes! She's about 16 1/2 months old and is growing like crazy. At her last appointment, she was still in the lower percentiles for weight, but tall for her age. Maybe she got some of those Miller genes. So I'm just going to start making a list of new things our big girl is doing these days:

* Suddenly she talks! She's started signing consistently for all done, more, please, and thank you. She even signs please and thank you without being prompted! This little one is going to be polite :) But she also speaks. As she signs for "all done" she says "da-daaaaaaa." Other words: baby, the goat (de-doh), moo (mmmm), woof (ffff), ROAR! (strange spitting sound), dada, mama, and more (moe).

* See this face in this picture? She makes this face when we point the camera at her. She gets all squinty-eyed :) We haven't decided if she does it because she's anticipating the flash, or if she's trying to smile like her mama (with our chubby cheeks!)

* She follows simple directions. I can tell her to put her socks in her drawer, feed her doll her bottle, bring mama a different book to read cuz we've read Good Dog Carl 6 times in a row, go get billy goat, put your milk on your high chair, or go get your shoes and she'll understand and usually do it with pleasure!

* She could be in the grumpiest mood, but if I even whisper the word, "bath" she lights up and runs for the bathroom with squeals of delight!

* Yet another funny face. This is the "I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!" face.

* She adores clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, bows, and pretty things. Sometimes she'll wear 3 or 4 different pairs of shoes per day.

* She also loves music. She points at her boombox and signs "please." We turn on the radio or a cd and we dance, sing, and play with her instruments. She also sits through Uncle Brian's band concerts and claps along with the songs!

* She doesn't like dirty things. If the floor has some dirt on it or there is a spot on the couch, she points at it and whimpers. One time she even went and got a rag to clean it up with.

* For some strange reason, she thinks it's hilarious to get sprayed in the face with water. Seriously, take a spray bottle and squirt her in the face and she'll be back for more!

* She's very motherly. Anything cuddly, soft, or fluffy she will hug, kiss, carry around, and love. When she eats her meals, she puts billy goat on the chair next to the high chair to watch.

* Sometimes when naptime or bedtime is getting close she'll pick up her billy goat, put her thumb in her mouth, waddle down the hall, and point at her crib. She pretty much puts herself to sleep. Um, God, I'd like another baby like THIS one, please!


Jenny said...

Another one like this one? Uh. No. That "first-child-does-so-well" thing is just to LULL YOU into believing that all the kids you have will be just as well-behaved.
But by the time the second one arrives with his/her quirky personality that likes to test his mommy (oh, wait, that's Adam), you're better prepared for it. At least we'd like to think so. :)
And while he/she may not be as tidy and well-behaved at the first, there are a lot of other things he'll do better, too.

Sara said...

I've been told (because Malachi also is a dream child) that if your first is a dream child, you're second will be the opposite. I've been praying that's not so, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.