Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Summer Reading Selection

I might not get to all of these (upon further review, I won't - let's be realistic) but this is the list of books I will likely choose from this summer. Let me know what you have on your list!! In no particular order...

* Bringing Up Girls - Dr. James Dobson. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS :) Four years in the making Dr. Dobson finally comes out with the partner to Bringing Up Boys.

* The Mission-Minded Family - Ann Dunagan. Developing a mind-set of leadership, calling, & destiny as well as self-sacrifice and submission to God is important to us. I want to teach my kids these attributes by living them myself and implementing in our daily family life.

The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family to God's Destiny  -               By: Ann Dunagan

* The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien. I read this in high school and would love to reacquaint myself with the story that precedes the Lord of the Rings. Especially since the movie will be coming out soon!

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* How to Write & Illustrate Children's Books and Get Them Published. I've been weaseling through this for 5 years or so. I promise I'll finish it this summer!! I have so many ideas rolling around in my head and I don't want my illustrations to crash in technical faux pas.

* Eternity in Their Hearts - Don Richardson. Jon has been urging that I read this, and I think now is the time. It gives tons of stories about how the concept of the True God has existed for centuries in different cultures around the world. It's kind of the answer for the question of how someone who's never heard of Jesus can be saved.

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* Mini-Skirts, Mothers, & Muslims - Christine Mallouhi. A book on how NOT to offend Muslim women :) A friend recommended it to me and it sounds intriguing, especially as we are getting closer to moving to Central Asia and living among Muslims.


* War & Peace - Leo Tolstoy. I'm sure I won't get anywhere near finished, but I want to keep a classic in the mix as much as I can. Here's to reading one chapter, falling asleep, and drooling all over Chapter Two.

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Chris Sanny said...

Second vote for eternity in their hearts! Great book. Good list you've got, seeing the hobbit makes me want to read it again, such a fun adventure!

Sara said...

That's a great list! It's so much more varied than mine is.

Princess Bektra said...

Love the Hobbit, love Eternity in their hearts, really liked War and Peace and actually made it all the way through (with breaks for "candy" books). I would love to read the Mission Minded Family one. Another awesome and momentous classic is Ben Hur.

Jenny said...

War and Peace is one of my favorites--for real! I also recently re-read The Hobbit. It makes much more sense as an adult than as a middle schooler... Hope you enjoy them both!