Friday, March 23, 2007

Baby "Norbert" Update: Brenda's feet and Jon's forehead

I started feeling the baby kick 2 weeks ago as I lay on the floor listening to my mom tell a story about leprechauns. I don't think the two events were related. Now I am 19 weeks and 2 days (which puts my due date around August 15) and just starting to pop out enough to wear the oh-so-comfy elastic maternity pants!!

Today was a special occasion. We got our mid-pregnancy ultrasound!! We had already gotten a preview of our little squirmy-pot at 12 weeks while we were searching for the heartbeat. But seeing the little tike today was like peeking in the nursery. "Norbert" was playing with his umbilical cord and showed us all 5 of his (or her) little fingers splayed open in a wave to mom and dad. We saw the miracle of the beating heart, the baby practicing breathing, we even saw him turn over and face us. From the pictures we are guessing that the baby made a good decision and chose mommy's slender feet with her "monkey toes" over daddy's extra wide, high-arch, crooked-toed hobbit feet. We are also guessing that "Norbert" has daddy's forehead, but that doesn't necessarily mean daddy's hairline :)

"Norbert" is the nickname we've given to Baby while in utero so we don't have to always say "it" or "the baby." We are also more apt to use masculine pronouns just because we are so used to using masculine pronouns to mean both he and she (we do the same thing when we read "masculine" pronouns in the Bible when speaking to mankind in general). "Norbert" is also very ambitious at this point and is 8 days ahead of schedule. But that's subject to change from week to week.

And no, we didn't ask for the gender, nor did Baby decide to reveal his or her little secret obviously enough for mom or dad to come to any conclusions on their own. Jon and I are both thinking it's a boy, although we'd both be just ecstatic with a girl!! We have some names in our lottery, but aren't giving any hints. If you'd like to put in your two cents on what you think we should name it, go ahead. But we won't listen to you :)


Sarah said...

I still can hardly believe you're going to be a mommy! Being your child, Norbert is totally going to be a little leprechaun.

Bron & Jenda said...

haha! you're probably right ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you should name it Norbert. Whether it's a girl or boy :)

Sara Roy