Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby's got personality!

As of yesterday, I can say that my baby could beat me up. Little Norbert is head down, ready to launch out the chute, which puts his bony butt just to the side of my inside-out bellybutton and his legs and feet floating around the sides. Yesterday he started what I would call abuse. There I was, innocently putting on my make-up when JAB JAB!!! Double kick to the ribs!

"Ouch!!" I yell dropping my brush.
"Ow!! Honey!" I clutch my side trying to find the little foot that's doing all the damage.
"What?" Jon answers from the office.
"YOUR baby is beating me up!" JAB JAB JAB JAB!!!!
Jon lightly pats the bony protrusion in my belly. "Don't hurt mommy!"

Norbert eventually settled back down. But that night we went to go meet cousin Aryn and Uncle Matt and Aunt Julie. We watched the Minnesota Orchestra play at Plymouth Creek Park followed by fireworks. Well, the baby did just fine during the recorded "cannons" for the 1812 Overature, but when the REAL cannon went off to announce the beginning of the fireworks, Norbert got scared! He jumped with all limbs flailing, hitting all sides of his little cocoon. We knew that babies in the womb could hear outside noises if they were loud enough to drown out my heartbeat and digestive noises, and that they could feel pain around 24 weeks, and they could even show discomfort and grimaces at situations they don't like. But I didn't know they could be startled! I hugged my tummy, trying to hold back my laughter (to no avail) and spoke soothing words I knew baby could hear. I hope this doesn't mean baby will be afraid of loud noises, now. I sure like fireworks!


Brenda L said...

That's too funny!

And be glad that Norbert's bony butt is so low. Sammy's was up in my rib cage. I would go numb from the pressure of his bony butt pressing against my ribs!

Ownah said...

Great work.