Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching Up #1: Superbowl XLII Party!

So I'm the kind of person who gets about 12 rolls of film developed all at once, so here's some pictures from waaaaaay back at Superbowl time!
We spick-and-spanned the apartment for our guests to arrive :) And they came! Here is one of them playing with Abigail!

When we wrote out our limited guest list (only 4 couples because we had a teensy apartment) we didn't realize we had invited the Larson family plus spouses! Here are 3 men on a couch: Parnell, Jon, and Chris.

Michelle and her friend Trin pretend to enjoy football while Brenda and Becky raid the food!!!

It's past Sammy-pants's bedtime so daddy-Dale comforts him with deep-fried wings :) mmmm wings...

Sammy isn't the only sleepy one. Joelle tried to watch the Pats kick themselves but the ZZZZs won out...

Abi was the MVP!!
I think I'll clean tomorrow.

One lone pizza slice. I think I shall have it for breakfast tomorrow. All-in-all a great party! Thanks for coming, friends :)

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Brenda L said...

Thanks for having us!