Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching Up #2: The Gunflint - Abi's First Winter Adventure!

I know the last thing everyone wants to see is a bunch of snow, but like I said, I'm catching up some photos! Please bear with me :) To anyone who has the opportunity to take kids on a winter adventure: DO IT! Plan, plan, plan, and then enjoy! I think Abigail wore 3 or 4 layers of clothes most days and 5 or 6 layers at night. But she didn't freeze and we had a great time!
Brenda cross-country skiing up on the bluff! It's a lot easier to do this run when you're not 4 months pregnant!
Jon the crazy man getting excited for broomball!
Out for a walk on the frozen lake.
Mama and baby - oh precious!
The girls walking back to the lodge.
Yeah! No diving!

Sometimes the best toys aren't toys at all! Pink baby with pink cheeks equals HUGGABLE!

Polka-dot princess!

Climbing up to Honeymoon Bluff!Aw, she's close at hand :)

The family watching the sunset at Honeymoon Bluff.Don't worry she wasn't THAT close to the edge! Baby at the boundary waters!

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