Saturday, May 31, 2008

Catching Up #3: Baby Isaiah!

Well, this catching up blog has nothing to do with my late film development, but rather it has to do with the fact that we lost Jon's digital camera shortly after we moved. Speaking of losing things, has anyone seen my cell phone? Or my BRAIN?! I can't even blame pregnancy for these silly situations; I can only blame myself ;-)

Anyway, about a month ago we had a little friend over for the day! His name is Isaiah and I am convinced he is the one who taught Abi to crawl. Never have I met such polar opposites enjoying themselves despite their differences. Isaiah is a go-getter, high-energy, in-your-face, smiley-pants, always on the verge of a laughing fit, curiosity killed the cat kind of baby. This was a high contrast to Abi who is pretty low-key, laid back, mild-tempered, laissez-faire, sweet, gentle, cuddly, content-to-just-sit-here-and-watch kind of baby. But they shared toys and floor space pretty well considering we still had boxes everywhere from the move. We loved having him here and we'd love to set up another playdate soon!! :-)

Here's Isaiah showing Abi the moves. Abi watches in awe...

Abi is showing him her toys. Like Abi, he tastes it to see if it's safe.

Both babies look up from their play to give me a big grin!

Isaiah is getting ready to leave Abi in the dust...

Zoom! There he goes!

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