Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Here we are at our favorite ice cream parlor. Or should I say "frozen custard" parlor! It's called Liberty Frozen Custard and it's on Nicollet and 54th, just a few blocks from our place (making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to be on any kind of diet). It's an old remodeled auto garage with vintage vinal chairs and pinball machines and the like. When Jon and I decided winter was (or should be) finished, we walked over for a frozen treat! Here are some cute pictures of Abigail in a classic hot rod trying her tiny hand at the wheel! You can see in the video that she was babbling away and loving it!! By the way, the video doesn't have any sound so I will provide a dialogue for you at the bottom of the post.

"babababababababa...boom boom boom...AAAH! Hmm...where's the shifter on this thing? "

"Abi, be careful, don't fall!"

"MOM! NO, MOM!! Watch out, mom! Don't touch me; Mom, I'm driving, be careful!"

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